About us

Driver OPS is the best place to find all the accessories to make your rides more pleasant and more profitable. At Driver OPS we are passionate about ridesharing and just like you, we drive for different rideshare companies on our free time. Because we are all facing the same issues we have decided to create products that make your life easier as a driver and help you earn more money on every single trip. For the past three years, we have helped thousands of drivers like you improve their ride with some of the best accessories to create a better experience for passengers - and for yourself.

I am Joe Sanders, the man behind Driver OPS.  The past five years I have been driving for almost all the different rideshare companies. Rideshare was once my main job when the concept first launched and I think it is still a very rewarding way to make a living. I am now my own boss, I chose when I want to work. I continuously look for ways to make ridesharing more enjoyable and more profitable.

We all know that many riders have switched over from traditional taxis for a better experience, and the better their experience, the more money you will make.  From more frequent tips to larger tips to regular customers and private bookings, there is so much that can be done to be the coveted driver that is pre-booked with reliable passengers.

More than just buying a product, I hope you will join our community of drivers.  Over the years I've met more and more drivers that I now consider a family.

We've initially built our strength by providing professional-grade equipment to full-time drivers, and we're continuing to grow in strength by numbers as we help more and more part-time drivers working for rideshare companies. No matter how much time you spend on the road, we salute you. We've been behind the wheel countless miles ourselves, and we know many of you are here because you are committed to making your ride better.

Let us know how we can help.  Every year we launch new ideas for rideshare and professional drivers. Reach out to me if you need any custom products created.

And... enjoy the road! Always,


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