Glowing illuminated Favor light sign, 6" x 4" (EL electroluminescent, better than LED)

We love delivery services with a twist (and in this case, a very pretty twist in the shape of a bow-tie logo and a cute name)! For all the drivers out there tha ...Read more

  • $29.99


We love delivery services with a twist (and in this case, a very pretty twist in the shape of a bow-tie logo and a cute name)!

For all the drivers out there that have requested a more unique glow sign for their car, we can custom cut them to your specifications. Add your own name or text to the existing design, or even an icon or line art.

Dimensions: 6" x 4"
Power: standard USB (5 volts)
Control: Includes a convenient on/off switch
Mounting: a set of velcro is included; can also be mounted with a photo album sleeve, magnetic strips, suction cups, or double-sided tape

This beautifully lit, glowing Favor sign will help your vehicle for pickups and deliveries.  This means:

  • improved safety - attach to your rear window to warn traffic you have stopped (or are slowing down);
  • more revenue for you - get going faster and get more trips completed, especially in crowded areas!
  • better driver ratings - do something to make yourself better than the average driver;
  • stay discreet - the sign can be flipped on when you want it, as you approach;
  • credentials - help authority, traffic control and parking attendants identify you as a rideshare or delivery vehicle for carpool lanes and checkpoints;
  • subltly "pimped out" - makes your car distinctly beautiful!
This sign is available in your choice of red or blue.  Sign is bright enough to be seen through tinted windows (up to 90% tint) at night.
Sign comes with a standard USB plug and approximately 10 feet of power cord.  Extension cords for this sign are also available for $4.99.

Mounting options: 

You can attach the sign to your windshield: 
  • with adhesive or tape or velcro strips (a set of velcro is included);
  • with magnet backing strips (available at Walmart and Staples), allowing even quicker and non-damaging removal;
  • alternatively, attached to a sun visor, and flipped down for visibility only when you want the sign seen;  
  • or, even simpler, you can also hold it in your hand for occasional or discreet use, or for passengers approaching you from the side.
All signs are brand-new and unused (unless you specifically request one of our refurbished units).  We ship with protective packaging to minimize the risk of damage during transport.

Sign and power cord are shipped unattached to reduce the risk of damage during transit (simply connect the two jacks together).  *Note that the jacks are polarized: the jacks will only attach properly when the positive wires are lined up and the negative wires are lined up with each other. If the jacks do not connect easily, make sure they are both facing the right way.  
For standard (economy) shipping, we typically use United States Postal Service Priority Mail.  We are able to offer this upgraded service with tracking and insurance by bundling our shipments twice each week. 

Expedited processing and shipping is also available and approximate delivery time is 1 to 3 business days, depending on destination city and our current shipping volume.  You can contact us to confirm when packaging times for any expedited shipments.  If you have an account for shipping with a specific courier, you can request that charges be billed to that account instead - please send your written and signed authorization to 

We also ship worldwide.  Contact us for shipping rates to any other destination.



Warranty, returns & exchanges:
Each EL light panel and each inverter is tested at the manufacturing plant, and we test the assembled unit a second time prior to packaging.  If your sign no longer functions within 30 days of receiving your shipment, please contact us for a replacement.

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