Tip Jar for Uber & Rideshare - Illuminated & Customizable!

Illuminated Tip Jars for Uber & Rideshare Drivers Add this beautiful, illuminated tip jar, and catch up on all those tips you've missed on Uber!     No need ...Read more

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Illuminated Tip Jars for Uber & Rideshare Drivers

Add this beautiful, illuminated tip jar, and catch up on all those tips you've missed on Uber!  

No need to put a tacky "Tips are appreciated" sign: these tip jars are an artistic reminder that tipping is the norm in the service industry, and starting your shift with a few bills in your jar will add the social proof that they should do like the last passengers.

What works better?  And what works best?  

We've collected feedback from hundreds of drivers and passengers, and our latest design incorporates what has worked best for getting the most amount of tips:
  • a pre-emptive "Thank You" on the jar prompts passengers on what they should do when they see a few bills already in your tip jar;

  • the subtle glow of lights draws your passengers attention - day and night; and

  • our tip jars work 42% better than "Tips not required" and similar signs: even putting "Tips appreciated" becomes redundant and does not have the same directive effect
DriverOPS power tips: If you currently have a sign in your car requesting that your passengers rate you 5 stars as well as leave you a tip, get better results by reducing the choices and choose just one of the two for your sign. 

Silver label included: 

Our tip jar includes our drivers' favourite and most effective label: a silver heart with the words "Thank you!" engraved.  The words are illuminated by a set of LED lights included with your tip jar.

Illuminated tip jar for Uber drivers - close-up


Tip jar is nicely illuminated by 15 LED lights, in your choice of blue, pink, or warm white.  Lights are powered by two (2) CR-2032 (or CR-2035) batteries, and included with the tip jar.  Battery compartment is discreetly concealed inside the tip jar and can be removed for cleaning or replacing batteries.


Custom labels available: 

Instead of our standard label, you can add a professionally-cut black or silver label to your tip jar for $10.  Add a humorous description, an elegant Thank You, or any other words or single-colour image. 
  • Good Karma Machine
  • Save Justin Bieber Fund
  • If you fear change, leave it in the tip jar
  • Money is the root of all evil. Cleanse yourself here.
  • Tipping: Not just for cows.
  • There is a party in this jar and your change is invited.
  • Tips are like hugs
Please note that illuminated text should be limited to a maximum of 10 characters on each line, on a maximum of 3 lines.

(If you would like text that exceeds this limit of characters, we can print on high-quality white labels but they will not be illuminated.  You can choose the colour of your text; default colour will be black if you do not specify a colour.)

Have ideas for labels?  Send us a message and be added to the draw this month for a free tip jar!

File formats:

For custom label orders, please send any images in monochrome and in vector file format, such as Adobe Illustrator or EPS.  If you need help in designing or converting to a vector image, please contact us.


Standard shipping within the United States is batched twice weekly and sent via USPS Priority Mail or choose from one of our expedited options.  If you have an account for shipping with a specific courier, you can request that charges be billed to that account instead - please send your written authorization to us.   

We also ship worldwide.  Contact us for shipping rates to any other destination if the "Calculate shipping costs" appears excessively high on the automated calculator (there may be more economical shipping methods than the standard options listed in the calculator).


Warranty, returns & exchanges: 

Each unit is tested twice: a first time electronically at the time of manufacturing, and a second time manually just prior to packaging.  If the lights no longer function within 30 days of receiving your shipment, please contact us for repair or a replacement.

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